RTC_4020You made it! Welcome to the CHUNE IN music blog. Here I share all things good in the world of reggae. As an avid reggae music lover I still get excited when I find a new “chune” whether it was released years ago or yesterday. My approach to this genre is pretty open and as a reggae deejay I like to keep it interesting. CHUNE IN is a blog that is here to highlight the hits as well as the underdog. I play both sides of the record and bring attention to the music that doesn’t make the proper rounds in the dancehall. You will find a little bit of everything here including but not limited to album reviews, video releases and artiste biographies.

What about me? Well, I’m affectionately known as Meeks. I am a talented radio host and deejay whose radio career started back in 1996 at my Alma Mater Hampton University. I later studied communications at Howard University. Over the years I have participated in, co-hosted and produced several radio programs and have worked alongside some area veterans in the broadcast and music business. My love of music, new and old, has led me to create the CHUNE IN music blog. I have also contributed to the Tone Scientizt Music Blog which was started by my sistren DJ Earth1ne.

At any time you can find me searching for new music on the web and elsewhere so feel free to send any music, questions and promotional materials to chuneinmusicblog@gmail.com to be considered for a lil shine on this blog. You can also follow me around the web on Twitter (@KikiMeeks and @InChune) or check out my Tumblr page Things Good. Wanna know what I’m listening to? Check out my SoundCloud page or follow me on Spotify (Keisha Meeks). Tell a friend and don’t forget to join my mailing list!

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