Freddie McGregor “Bag A Hype”

freddie di captain album ft

Reggae legendary Freddie McGregor released his latest video today for “Bag A Hype” (track #4 and one of my favorites) off his 2013 album Di Captain. After 50+ years in the business, Freddie is still guiding the yutes with word, sound and power. Listen in:

“Some ah dem yah yutes yah dem nah live right. Bright up themselves inna big man sight. Dem nuh know daytime different from night. Walk ’round every day with a big bag a hype. Pure hype, big bag a hype…”

The album is currently topping the musical charts in New York and Florida. Check out the album and take a look at the video below.

Courtesy Big Ship/VP Records


2 responses to “Freddie McGregor “Bag A Hype”

  1. Fair play to Freddie I am ejoying this track a lot more than I thought I would. Some of his older stuff is magic have you heard ‘Big Ship’?

    • I sure have. I know a lot of Freddie’s chunes, straight back to the Bobby Babylon album. He’s got longevity and he’s never sold out. He’s a very nice guy too.

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