Busy Signal “Reggae Music Again”

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Long time dancehall artiste Busy Signal released a new album yesterday entitled Reggae Music Again on VP Records. This one is his fourth full length release and it’s loaded with music, 20 songs to be exact!

  • The title track “Reggae Music Again” is a happy, peace and love, all generations kind of song. I could hear that playing at any of my family functions where the older and younger generations get together on the dance floor.
  • The popular single “Come Over (Missing You)” has been out for some time now and is also featured on the Heart And Soul Riddim album and has a video to match.
  • “Wicked Man” has a familiar chorus that recalls the refrain from the old Junior Byles song “Beat Down Babylon,” another popular oldie but goodie.
  • “119” with Anthony Red Rose and Joe Lick Shot (Jamaica’s “musical weapon”) talks about the old days of dancehall and recording overall when…

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