Meet Chronixx


Meet Chronixx. The artiste born Jamar McNaughton hails from Spanish Town, Jamaica and is one of the newest members of the roots reggae revival in the dancehall. Son of the uniquely voiced dancehall artiste Chronicle, Chronixx (formerly known as Junior Chronicle) has made his own tracks in the business from early. Having worked with many other well known artistes on his way to his current noteriety, since age 11 Chronixx has taken the role of choir director, writer, producer and vocalist. He now, at age 20, firmly stands on his own two in the reggae arena writing his own songs, many of which have been embraced by all of his fans.

Since teaming up with Teflon of Zinc Fence Records the pair have created hits like, “Warrior”, “Behind Curtain”, “Start A Fyah” and “They Don’t Know” to name a few. With no mentions of an album as yet Chronixx has been featured on plenty of singles and collaborations. He’s recently worked with Sizzla, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid for “Selassie Souljahz” and fellow upcoming artiste Keznamdi for “My Love For You”. The single “Odd Ras” kicked up a small stir with dancehall artiste Popcaan as Chronixx proclaimed “…me nah sing no song ’bout di party buck worse me nah show mi underpants fi buss…” (which was not directed at the dancehall artiste.) Chronixx has otherwise been well received by his peers in Jamaica and embraced abroad in places like Africa and Europe. Chronixx is not hard to find these days as you may find him on many of the hot riddim albums. Below is one of his latest singles “Thanks & Praise” (Lifeline Music). Also take a look at the official music video for “Beat & A Mic”

Here’s Chronixx’s official music video for “Beat & A Mic”.

Courtesy Special Delivery Music

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